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Enquiry Form

Welcome to the our Junior Squash Academy!

Please complete the following form to enrol your son / daughter onto one of our Coaching Sessions with INSPIRE Squash!

Every Junior taking part in Squash with INSPIRE Squash will need to register.

As members of INSPIRE Squash you will then be able to create a profile for them on our Website which gives them access to useful content and resources! Follow the instructions at the end of the registration form!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us

or email

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If completing multiple forms for siblings, if possible please use a different parents name, email address and emergency contact for each child (this will give each child their own profile for booking sessions)

I consent to INSPIRE Squash hold my information for the purpose of running the Junior Squash Academy. You may receive emails from our Academy's direct email address relating to Squash.
INSPIRE Squash may use Photographs or videos for:
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