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Terms & Conditions


This page lists the Terms & Conditions of the following:

  • Use of the Website

  • Code of Conduct for site users

  • Signing up to the Website & Privacy Policy

  • Memberships & Subscriptions

  • Terms & Conditions of each Service including:

    • Booking, Cancellations, Payments​

    • Consents & Liability

    • Ownership & Rights


For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions, Chris Ogden (I, me or my) is the owner of INSPIRE Squash [Trade Marked business] (we, us or our). Either is used in relation to the owner of the website ( (the site), provider of the listed Services, owner of the content on the website unless otherwise stated.

The website user (you or your) relates to any person, either personally or on behalf of a entity (such as a business or club), that uses the website. "You" or "Your" could also relate to Members of Inspire Squash (the website), users of our Services and/or Clubs, Centres or Business' you represent.

By using our website or our Services or you have read, understood and agree to these Terms & Conditions outlined in this document.

Any reference to Third Parties (they, them or their) will be indicated specifically for each point.


The website is available to anyone to view its contents and browse through the site. Certain features require you to "Sign Up" to gain access and become a Member of INSPIRE Squash. Members of our Junior Squash Academy have their own area of the site.

The content of the website is owned by INSPIRE Squash and therefore must not be copied or replicated without the permission of Chris Ogden, the owner and founder of INSPIRE Squash.

Once you become a Member (having signed up), you will gain access to "Groups". These are places members of INSPIRE Squash and the clubs we work in can communicate and share ideas. There is also a "Chat" feature that allows members to chat with each other. To do this select "Join the Community" on the sign-up form, this can be changed at any time from your Account Page.

It is strictly prohibited to use inappropriate language or share inappropriate images in Groups or on Chats! This site is used by Adults & Juniors so content must be appropriate for all audiences. Your posts will be reported if they appear inappropriate. Repeated reported posts could lead to you losing access to the site and your membership cancelled.

There should also be no discrimination or bullying on the site whatsoever. Instances of anyone being bullied or discriminated against based on: Age, Gender, Race, Religion, Sexuality or any other form of discrimination will result in your membership cancelled and a loss of access to the site. The situation may be referred to the Police or further organisation in severe cases!

We want our members to feel safe using the site and enjoy communicating and sharing stuff with fellow Squash enthusiasts! We will take action if this or any of the aforementioned is breached.


By signing up to INSPIRE Squash you consent to us storing your data for for the purposes of creating and sustaining your profile.

You can ask to see the information we have on you at any time and have the right to ask us to delete this information. This will result in the loss of Services to our Website.

We may also use you information to contact you relating to your membership, marketing and information and updates from INSPIRE Squash. Some emails are essential to keep you informed, however if you wish to unsubscribe to non essential emails you can do at any time.

More information on our Privacy Policy can be found here.


We have a number of Membership & Subscriptions available.

Our Memberships are either monthly recurring payments or 1-off yearly subscriptions, which entitles you to a list of additional benefits from INSPIRE Squash and our partners. Monthly payments will be taken on a monthly basis until the plan is cancelled.

Payments are taken at the start of Every month via Direct Debit for that month.

(i.e. 1st September for Membership in September)

Memberships must be cancelled 3 working days before payment is due to be taken. If it is later than this, payment will still be taken for that month. (You will still have access until the end of that month). If we cancel your subscription for a breach of these Terms & Conditions, then there will be no refund and you will lose access to the site immediately. 

There are no refunds available for our Membership once a payment has been made. If you cancel your Membership (within the 3 day window) you will still have access until the end of the month.

INSPIRE Squash reserves the right to make changes to our memberships. In such a case you will be notified prior to the changes taking effect and given the chance to cancel your membership.



For any of our Bookable Services (i.e Squash Coaching, Personal Training etc.), bookings can either be made online or via our Coaches directly. Once confirmed the session will be held on the day and time specified at the venue agreed.

A session can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the session time. If the session is pre paid for and you give enough notice a refund will be available (minus any Third Party fees such as court bookings or deposits for a space on a course). If a session is cancelled within the 24h period a refund may not be available.

If a session hasn't been paid for then it is our Coaches discretion how he/she deals with late cancellations of sessions.

For Group Coaching Sessions or Courses, INSPIRE Squash offer a free Taster Session for Juniors before signing up to a Course. After that all sessions are paid for upfront for the Course. As a rule there are no refunds for pre-paid courses for missed sessions unless INSPIRE Squash cancel or rearrange a session. 

If we cancel a session for any reason, and a fee has been paid, where possible we will try to rearrange the session without the need for a refund. Where this isn't possible we will give a full refund for the session or credit it for for a future session. If nothing has been paid and a session is cancelled by either party for any reason, INSPIRE Squash are under no obligation to rearrange the session.


By booking a session with us you are consenting to take part in vigorous and strenuous exercise (especially Squash) and it is your responsibility to ensure the Coach knows about any conditions or medical information that would be affected by taking part in exercise.

All our Coaches are fully insured and qualified and take no responsibility for injuries sustained during the sessions out of their control, such as (but not exclusively): Muscle Pulls, Strains and Sprains, collisions, being hit by the ball or racket or slips, trips and falls and other such occurrences.  

If you feel our Coaches have acted unprofessionally or dangerously within a session they run, please contact us and we will investigate and take the appropriate action.

If you have a complaint about a Coach or INSPIRE Squash, who you feel breaches the Coaches Code of Conduct, or you feel their practices are unsafe or dangerous and you wish to take it further you can email: 


We offer a number of Club Development Packages at INSPIRE Squash. Because each Club will have a bespoke package designed around their needs, below is a brief outline of our Terms & Conditions for our Club Development packages. Each Club will be told specifically the Terms & Conditions of their package prior to payment. 

For services which require a design element, such as: Website Design, Logo Design and Poster Design (and all similar Services) INSPIRE Squash remain the owner of the design and content for the period they are in use. It is strictly prohibited to copy or use the content/images for other purposed without the permission of Chris Ogden.

There may be the option to buy the rights to any work INSPIRE Squash creates, in which case the club in question receives the right to the content or design to use as they please.

All fees and costs associated with the package are covered by the centre or club that the work is being completed for. If additional costs are required you will be notified prior to the purchase and given the option to go ahead with the additional cost or not. For example some website features have additional costs which the club must decide which features best fit their needs.

Payment for Club Development Packages is upfront before any work takes place. If the package is cancelled mid term, there may be no refund available depending on the circumstances. If nothing is agreed prior, a refund will be worked out based on hours of work completed at £20 per hour, taken off the money paid to INSPIRE Squash. All Third Party fees are subject to the Terms & Conditions of the the Third Party - INSPIRE Squash should not be out of pocket from cancelled Club Development Packages.



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