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What's In My Squash Bag

A comprehensive Checklist of what every Squash Player should consider taking with them the next time they hit the Courts!

Dunlop Squash Racket & Bag

It can be a blessing and a curse having a Squash playing relative, when it comes to gift giving at Christmas or Birthday's and alike!

On the one had you'll never be short of gifts to buy your loved ones; on the other hand knowing what to buy can create a whole new headache!

We have created a quick and handy guide, a checklist if you will, for everything and anything that should be in the keen Squash Players Bag!


#1 - The Squash Bag Itself!

Before you can find items to fill your Squash Bag, you need a Squash Bag in the first place! Squash Bags tend to come in two styles:

Dunlop Backpack

The Backpack

These are like any other backpack. The more compact version for Players who don't have a lot of Equipment to take to the Courts!

They normally have a compartment for your Rackets as well as two further compartments for your other kit.

They are a great for Juniors and a stylish way to carry your gear to and from the Squash Courts!

Dunlop Racket Bag

The Racket Bag

These are what I mostly associate with a Squash Bag!

They come in different sizes depending on your needs. Usually they are sold as 3, 6, 8 or 12 Racket Squash Bags!

You can definitely fit all your kit in one of these, which often have a separate shoe compartment, thermal lining to protect your Rackets, Space for dirty kit and all the kit you might need!

Which is better? It all comes down to personal preference. Think about what you need it for and how much kit you're likely to be taking to the Courts!

#2 - Your Weapon of Choice!

You can't play Squash without a Squash Racket!

We recommend that everyone has their own Squash Racket if they enjoy the game and once they have shown enough commitment to warrant the purchase!

It can be difficult to choose the right Racket, and this will be covered in a separate Blog, however there are a few things to look out for!

Junior Squash Rackets

There are normally 3 sizes of Squash Rackets that a Junior might be best suited to! This is all dependant on their size and ability to wield a full size racket! In short there is a 22" Racket aimed at ages 5-7, then a 23.5" Racket for ages 7-10! After that Juniors will probably be on a full size "Adult" Racket anyway.

Adult Squash Rackets

There is a wide Range of Squash Rackets for Adults to buy! Again this often comes down to personal preference, however as a safe guide we would recommend a weight between 125g and 135g for a starter racket.

Dunlop Squash Racket at

A good racket to start with is the PDHSports exclusive Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Lite Squash Racket

For more Advanced Players, they should consider having 2 or 3 Squash Rackets in their Squash Bag! (Ideally the same make and model)

If you're playing in a Tournament or a League Match, it is good to have a replacement Racket if the Strings break, or worse the Racket itself...

You can browse an extensive range of Rackets on the PDHSports Website!

#3 - Squash Balls!

We covered this Topic in our Blog on Choosing the Right Squash Ball! It is something we are passionate about promoting to make sure everyone is playing with the Right Squash Ball for their Level!

Dunlop Squash Balls

In short, new Beginner Players and newer Junior Players should play with the Blue or Red dot Squash Balls. There isn't much difference between the two.

Mini Squash Balls are great for Younger kids to get into the Game and are actually really fun for Adult Players as well. It's the perfect way to have a great game with your kids and still get quite a good workout yourself!

Most Club Players and more advances Juniors should be playing with a Single Yellow Dot ball! This will allow for greater Rallies and allow players to develop faster, playing the game as it's meant to be played!

Only advanced Players should be playing with a Double Yellow Dot Ball! The Box should contain a warning so new Players to the game don't end up enduring a game of 2 or 3 shot rallies with a cold Squash Ball!

Check out the Blog for more information on Squash Balls!

Play Squash as it is meant to be played: long rallies, skilful shots, tactical awareness, it all starts by playing with the right Squash Ball for your Level!

#4 - Protection!

Dunlop Squash Goggles

It is mandatory for ALL Juniors under the age of 18 to wear Eye Protection when at Coaching Sessions, Tournaments or League Matches!

They should we wearing them every time they step on Court, so having their own pair is a must! Plus the ones they borrow from the Coach aren't the best!

There are Squash Goggles for Adults too! Afterall, everyone only has one pair of eyes!

#5 - Protection for Your Feet & The Court!

Squash Shoes are an essential part of the Squash Players kit!

Squash is a multi-directional Sport and Squash Shoes offer a lot more support for your feet and ankles than ordinary trainers.

They are also non marking and don't leave marks on the Squash Court with all the stop/start movements around the Court!

Players should bring their Squash Shoes to the Courts with them and change into them before stepping on Court, making sure to change back again after the Session!

Sliders tend to be the popular choice of the youths these days.....

#6 - Water Bottle, Notepad & Pen!

Dunlop Water Bottle

Finally, to round off the essential kit, Players should always have a Water Bottle with them. For obvious reasons it is important to remain hydrated when playing or training!

A lesser known essential piece of kit for Juniors and developing players is the notepad and pen. Players can use it to jot down things from Coaching Sessions, Make goals and analysis Matches.

Putting in a little effort at the end of sessions to write a few things down can make a big difference to a players development!


There are some additional items that can help fill your Squash Bag and those stockings at Christmas! Below are a few ideas of additional items:

  • Replacement Squash Grips - Every Racket will need a new Grip to prevent it slipping!

  • Spare T-Shirts - For those tough 5 game marathons!

  • Resistance Bands / Skipping Ropes / Tennis Balls These are all great ways to warm up pre-training session or Match!

  • Headphones - These are a great way to get in the "zone" or pass the time at Tournaments!

Final Word

We hope our list gives you some inspiration! Whether it is to assemble your own Squash Bag or giving you some gift ideas in the run up to Christmas! Be sure to check out for all your Squash Equipment Needs! Remember there is an exclusive discount for INSPIRE Squash Academy Members!

Feel free to download our Squash Bag Checklist below:

What's In My Squash Bag Checklist

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